Castor owns and operates 14 antennas from 3.7m to 18m in diameter out of Teleport Burum, The Netherlands. All antennas are N+1 redundant with automatic switch-over.

The Burum Teleport is connected by redundant, geographically separated fiber links to Amsterdam Global Switch Datacenter, which is our main PoP. In Amsterdam Global Switch, part of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, we have peering arrangements in place to guarantee best Internet connectivity for our customers. In traffic speed, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange the second largest internet exchange in the world.

The Burum Teleport is a shared facility with Inmarsat, whereby Castor and Inmarsat share the power and security infrastructure. Due to our geographical position, we are in the best position to provide services on satellites serving Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, North and Latin America.

Castor also offers wholesale Teleport services to other service providers requiring a world class European Teleport. For teleport services we guarantee 99.95% availability for overall performance of each individual RF uplink. This can only be achieved because all components in the antennas supporting Customer services are N+1 redundant with automatic switch-over. Additionally, Castor Networks offers rack space and remote hands support in its datacenters to host and support customer owned platforms, servers and/or modems.

Castor Burum Teleport

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